Get Help in Windows 10

How to Get Help in Windows 10

Currently, almost the whole society is in some way or another interconnected, whether by computer, mobile or portable Bluetooth audio devices. Virtually all people, young and old, use computer devices. Companies are increasingly turning their efforts to provide the best possible built-in support to help all users who need to learn how to use technology. Microsoft offers many help Options for Microsoft Windows 10 users, in case they encounter any common problems or find issues, Windows Users don’t know how to request assistance in Windows 10. We will show you quick access methods How to Get Help in Windows 10 simply.

How to Get Help in Windows 10

Follow any of the below-mentioned Options and Get help in Windows 10 for any kind of Issue.

  • Use Shortcut Key
  • Directly Contacting Microsoft Windows Support
  • How to use “Get Help” App within Windows 10
  • Use Cortana for Help
  • Reach Microsoft’s Online Chat Support
  • Call Help Line

Get Help Using F1 key in Windows 10

  • Windows 10 has an interesting method of asking for help and that is wherever we are browsing (either on the Internet Explorer or in folders and files of the PC).
  • We can press F1 key to get some help on that section we are using.
  • When you press F1 button, Bing will perform a search in the Default Browser calling for help in your Windows 10 as shown in the below image.
  • For example, if we are in the file explorer, it will seek help for File Explorer specifically.
Get Help in Windows 10

Note: F1 Shortcut Key can also be used in other versions of Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, XP and Vista)

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Help through Microsoft Support

  • Like all technology companies, Microsoft also has its own customer service and support center.
  • Visit Microsoft Official Website where we can search through different knowledge base tutorials, divided by Microsoft products (be it a problem with Windows, Xbox, Office, Microsoft Word, etc).
Help through Microsoft Support

Make use of “Get Help” Feature

Windows 10 comes with some built-in Apps, where “Get Help” application is one of them. It solves many problems of your Windows Operating System. Follow the below steps to Access “Get Help” option in Windows 10.

  • Go to your Start Button and type Get Help.
  • Next, Click on Get Help.
  • This will connect you to “Virtual agent” of the Tech Support team.
  • Say your Issue in the Chatbox, It will try to solve it.
  • If in case, the problem is not solved, then You can request assistance from Microsoft Support in Person by typing “Talk to a Human”.

Help through Cortana

  • By default, Windows 10 brings Cortana Virtual Assistant, which has the ability to perform a lot of actions and functions, In addition to supporting the use of the operating system.
  • If we want to use Cortana for Windows help, we just have to type Our Question in the Cortana Search box.
  • If you don’t have it activated, you just have to right-click on the toolbar.
  • In the Cortana section, you can change the settings so that the Cortana search engine is visible.
Help through Cortana
  • Once we can write in it (or speak to it, if we prefer that option), Cortana will show us the results, including those obtained from the internet.
  • Keep in mind that, by activating Cortana and the microphone option, it collects information about our searches and voice to further personalize the experience.

Help through Microsoft Online Support

  • Another option we have is Online help Chat. In case you have not found any answer or solution on the web to your problem, Contact Microsoft Help and Support directly through Live Chat Option.
  • To do this we only have to write “Contact Support” in Cortana and then tap into “Get help or Customer Support“.

Here, a window will open to start chatting, in which we must explain our problem. The system will directly connect you with a Microsoft agent who will try to Quick Assist you with the perfect solution.

Ask for Help through Call

In addition to helping us through chat, we can also request Microsoft Technical Support by scheduling a call. We can select the option that they call us.

  • Through the steps in the previous section, we will reach the window where in addition to the chat option, the “Call me back” option also appears.
  • If we enter, we will only have to enter our telephone number and then they will call us.

These are some of the best free support options available to seek assistance from Microsoft Windows 10 Support when you face any Windows 10 problems. You can see that there are many possibilities in getting help from Windows 10 Issues. I hope you like this article How to Get Help with Windows 10 which will show you many ways to find help for Windows 10. Share it with your friends.

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