Latest Windows 10 patches cause Critical Bugs in the Start Menu

As usual for the developer of Windows 10, Microsoft, this week has released the latest patches of the operating system. These correspond to the Patch Tuesday of this month of October 2019, although as usual, the problems derived from them have not been expected.

This is one of the great “slabs” that Redmond has on top in regards to its flagship product, Windows 10. Specifically, we refer to the constant updates of the operating system that reach the millions of users of it. And whether they are security patches, cumulative updates, or features, errors in each release have become commonplace.

This is something that, of course, does not benefit anyone, or users, or software, or the company itself that continues to lose credibility, despite its efforts. This is something that, as mentioned in the last hours, is happening again. Specifically, it seems that some computers are having problems related to the Start menu, among other sections, after installing the last update sent to Windows 10 1903, KB4517389.

The most serious error that has been detected after installing the aforementioned newly sent patch seriously affects a component of the importance of the System Start menu. Specifically, a critical error message appears that recommends users to log out of Windows and restart it. However, and from what has been proven, this does not solve anything. In fact, this is something that has just been confirmed by Microsoft itself publicly.

Windows 10 patches continue to fail, while we are waiting for the November 2019


But that is not the only error that could be detected with this update sent this week, but it also affects the Edge browser. Of course, with the low market penetration of this software, it is very likely that the failure of the Start menu is considered more worrying.

Meanwhile, those of Redmond affirm that this ruling commented above will be resolved later this month, or at the most in the next Patch Tuesday of November. And with all this, millions of users have been disappointed to learn, also just a few days ago, that the next semi-annual update of the system is delayed. We refer to what is already known as Windows 10 November 2019 Update and which, in theory, by now should have begun its official shipment.

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At least that was what many expected only a few weeks ago, but it has not been so. What we could expect is that, after the negative events that have happened with the latest updates and patches of Windows 10, Microsoft has decided to delay the launch of the November 2019 a few days to debug it a bit more. This is something that also happened shortly before the official delivery of the May 2019 Update, something that proved positive for everyone.

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